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mayo 13, 2023

Hi ,

Good to know you are looking for electronic components.

This is Michalle from Jinxinyang, we are a independent distributor with ISO Certified, and also the supplier of Global top 10 distributor.
We specialize in export of IC chips HARD TO FIND, mainly TI & ADI, with good quality,new & original parts .
STH315N10F7-2    QTY:2K


LX3302AQPW-TR  QTY:10K  


brand new and original,in stock!!!



If it meet your requirements,just feel free to contact me for more details.Pls note we can do test report for FREE for the client if the total amount more than 10,000$.

If you have any other demands for electronic components, you are welcome to contact us and send us your inquiry



Michalle Wu

Business Manager  at Shenzhen Jinxinyang Technology Co.,Ltd

+86 15918896698


2301,Block A,Rongde International Building,Longgang District,Shenzhen


The Emails From sales@szjxy-ic.com


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