[HB Global]Business partnership proposal from South Korea

agosto 10, 2023

Dear Sir/Madam,
Are you interested in related to the household laundry detergent with price competitive and good quality from South Korea?
If so, please pay attention to HB Global. We are currently looking for expansion of our business in your country and looking for exclusive distributors to have great business partnership opportunities with us and to grow together.
We are a manufacturer of household goods established in 2006.
This is our innovative product – Ultra Concentrated Detergent (UCD) – Bulk launched in 2022.
It is an ultra-concentrated detergent with a new concept which has high quality, eco-friendliness, and at a very good price. It is exported in bulk (IBC 1-ton tank).

Is it necessary to import Korean water? Due to 85% of the detergent is water, the transportation cost can be reduced by minimizing water content in the UCD – Bulk.
You can save on overseas shipping charges and other associated expenses. It is a new concept bulk export that can secure reliable products and price competitiveness through locally sourced water, packaging materials, and production in the importing country.

1 ton of UCD can make up to 90 ton of detergent!
Currently, 80 times dilution detergent 2.5L is selling more than 300,000 pcs per month in Korea.

We have supplied UCD2 – Bulk in Russia. Our two buyers imported 1 ton of our UCD2 and subsidiary materials to produce and sell 40 tons of diluted detergent. In addition, diluted production is being reviewed and discussed in several countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Kenya etc.
If you are interested in our business, do not miss this opportunity. It will make your business develop a lot. Hope this contact gives us further opportunity to have a business relationship between us. We will explain the dilution method in detail so you can produce in your country. If you use local production facilities, your investment costs can be reduced drastically.
Even you don’t have experience and R&D to produce liquid detergent, HB Global will technically support you if necessary. So, you can dilute UCD with water and additives and produce liquid detergent.
Please feel free to email us by replying to this mail, or visit our website and links for information below.
Website: http://shop5.hbgroup1.cafe24.com/
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/mXhHgnK4qg4
Looking forward to your positive answer.
Best regards,
CEO of HB Global co., ltd. in South Korea


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