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junio 23, 2023

Hi Manager,

This is LED Shop Display in China. Our manufacturing company has over 10 years experience in making neon signs. We have been supplying neon LED signs to many online sellers.

1.We have a team of experts making customized LED neon flex signs every day. Since we’re a direct manufacturer.

2.We provide all range of backing styles like regular backing, contoured backing, or invisible backing, with a wide range of colors to choose from. We can do indoor and outdoor neon flex signs, just let us know how you want it.

3. Product quality prmoised, normally 1 year but we can give you 2 years.

4. Receive a faulty neon sign because of quality , redo it for free

5. Production time 3-4 days

6.We can ship it right to your doorstep, and we can also drop ship in case you are ordering for someone else.

For a free quotation please feel free to send us details.

Best Regards



Business Manager at LED Shop Display Co., Ltd. Xiamen Green Sun Technology Co., Ltd.

M: 86-13850755589


No.29 Xiang’an Torch High-Tech Park, Xiang’an District, Xiamen, Fujian, 361101 China


The Emails From andy@ledshopdisplay.com


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